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[84] Twisted-minded
Yang 2010-07-14 08:57

You know it was very wrong from the very beginning but you without any hesitation pressed the 'start'

You understand there wouldn't be any happenings but you seriously expect something to happen.

You never ask but you always look forward to the answer.

You all the time wear that super-snippy mask but you know how humble and miserable you are.

You extend a NO reply almost every time but every time you are not so sure if you really think the other way or you are simply used to saying NO without consideration.

You never think you could lock your attention on the same subject for long but you also admit habit is something you feel difficult to abandon.

You seldom believe you really care but you occasionally doubt if you truly don't care.

You always trust your controlling ability but you still couldn't help questioning that ability which is actually never verified.

You think you enjoy nothing more than a quick hit-back but you simply feel like nothing or even worse
after that.

You from time to time alert yourself to stop such wandering but you finally find you still in the same circle experiencing similar highs and lows.

You for hundreds of times have told yourself to forever remember all the sufferings and sad moments even the tears in the dark nights but you at the same time feel yourself forgetting things easily.

But when you think you really forget something, you realise that you in fact crazily remember each and every little tiny stuff.

And just because you can't erase all the above BUT, you are twisted-minded, very much reasonably.


◇ jiner 2010-07-14 20:48 #1
bless to all~~~~


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